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Note: We are no longer selling the products listed here. This site is being maintained for information only.

Trifecta 500

Trifecta 500 is absolutely the quickest hard drive controller available for the Amiga 500, bar none. It supports both IDE and SCSI-2 drives** at rates up to 10MB per second, and provides space for one internal drive. In addition, Trifecta 500 supports up to 8 Megabytes of add-on RAM (4 Megabit ZIP DRAM) supporting ultra-fast "Hidden DMA" transfers.

For convenience, the Trifecta 500 has a "Mini-Slot" expansion connenctor, an external SCSI port, and "game" switches to disable its features for maximum compatibility. The attractive side-car case matches the Amiga 500 perfectly.

Trifecta 500 LX Direct Price: $149.95 + s&h
Trifecta 500 EC Direct Price: $119.95 + s&h



AdIDE2 provides an inexpensive alternative to a full SCSI interface for 68000 based Amigas. Somtimes called "AT drives", IDE drives have an embedded controller and are designed for connection to an AT PC bus. AdIDE2 supports two 3.5" drives* and is compatible with the latest Amiga OS.

AdIDE2 uses the same advanced software supplied with our AdSCSI host adapters. It delivers incredible speed and performance in a very small package. Features include autobooting from FastFileSystem partitions, A—Max II support, and more. With the addition of a Novia Mounting Kit, the AdIDE2 can be used to invisibly mount an internal 2.5" drive in an Amiga 500.

AdIDE2 hard drive adapter Direct Price: $79.95 + s&h


Novia Mounting Kit

Includes drive mounting bracket, cable, and hardware for mounting a 2.5" drive in your Amiga 500 (shown with hard drive and AdIDE2).

Novia Mounting Kit Direct Price $29.95 + s&h



The AdSpeed/IDE2 contains two powerful upgrades to your 68000 based Amiga in one small package.

The first is a high performance cached accelerator. AdSpeed/IDE2 delivers up to twice the performance of a stock Amiga CPU, with its 14.3MHz 68000 and its 32K kilobytes of static RAM (16K cache and 16K cache tags). Plus, you can change speeds using software or an optional hardware switch—even in the middle of one or more programs!

The second is a high—speed IDE interface supporting industry standard 3.5" IDE drives.* This interface has the same features as our AdIDE2 interface and includes our advanced, easy to use software.

Finally, a way to get two of the most desired upgrades with one simple installation.

AdSpeed/IDE2 adapter/accelerator Direct Price $179.95 + s&h


AdRAM 505

Simply insert AdRAM 505 into the bay under your Amiga 500 and double your memory to a full megabyte. You can run programs that require more RAM and run more programs at the same time! AdRAM's battery backed-up clock always keeps the correct time and date even when your machine is turned off.

AdRAM 505 Direct price $24.95 + s&h


AdRAM 510 Plus

AdRAM 510 Plus expands the chip RAM in your Amiga 500 Plus computer to two megabytes. The AdRAM 510 Plus installs in minutes and without tools using the expansion bay under the computer. The AdRAM 510 comes populated with 4x256K DRAMs and includes diagnostic tools.

AdRAM 510 Plus Direct Price $34.95 + s&h


AdRAM 560D

If you've expanded your Amiga 500 with an AdRAM 540, but four megabytes of additional RAM are just not enough, then an AdRAM 560D could be in your future. AdRAM 560D simply fits on top of AdRAM 540, giving you another two megabytes for a total of six megabytes of RAM. And four megabytes of that are contiguous!

AdRAM 560D comes fully populated.

AdRAM 560D Direct Price $79.95 + s&h


AdRAM 2080

With AdRAM 2080, you can expand the memory in your Amiga 2000 as little or as much as you wish. Using standard one 1 megabit by 1 DRAM chips, add two, four, six or eight megs of auto configuring Fast RAM to your system.

AdRAM 2080 Direct Price $39.95 + s&h


AdSCSI 2000

The AdSCSI 2000 host adapter from ICD offers the best hard drive interface available for your Amiga 2000 in a hard card format and at a surprisingly low price. Below are a few of the features that set it apart from the rest:

Unequaled Data Transfer Rates—No other SCSI host adapter, DMA or not, is faster. Full word data transfers and intelligent caching make the difference.

Advanced Removable Media Support—No other interface supports removable media drives better. Auto—diskchange, no partition restrictions, no extra charges.

Simple Installation and Setup—Our formatting and partitioning software is point—and—click. Forget about heads, cylinders, and mountlists.

Did we mention autobooting from FastFileSystem partitions, high speed A—Max II support, accelerator support, RigidDiskBlock and SCSIDirect compatibility? Why not add an AdSCSI 2000 to your 2000 today?

AdSCSI 2000 Direct Price $49.95 + s&h


Flicker Free Video 2

Flicker Free Video 2 and a standard VGA or multi—sync monitor will allow any Amiga 500, 1000, or 2000 to produce a high quality display, free of interlace flicker and visible scan lines. You will finally be able to use interlaced modes without going blind!

Easy Installation —All you need is a screwdriver to install Flicker Free Video 2 in any Amiga computer. No soldering is required, and it does not use the video slot in the 2000.

Full CompatibilityFlicker Free Video 2 is compatible with all programs and works in low resolution and high resolution, interlaced or not. Flicker Free Video 2 does not interfere with the regular video output.

Works with Internal and External Genlocks—Since Flicker Free Video 2 doesn't use your video expansion slot, it is compatible with genlocks and other video boards.

NTSC and PAL SupportFlicker Free Video 2 automatically detects whether your computer is operating in PAL or NTSC mode and adjusts accordingly.

Full Overscan SupportFlicker Free Video 2 will produce displays exceeding the limits of the Amiga. And, since the largest display will still be visible, you can actually use a 724x482 NTSC (724x566 PAL) display for word processing, desktop publishing, and spreadsheets (if the programs support overscan).

With Flicker Free Video 2, you will have a sharp, clear display that will be a pleasure to view.

Flicker Free Video 2 Direct Price $179.95 + s&h


Universal Power Supply

These external switching power supplies provide +5v at 3A and +12v at 2A through a standard 5-pin DIN connector. They have a universal IEC input connector and accept any AC input voltage from 100 to 250VAC. Compatible with the Trifecta 500 and many other Amiga peripherals.

Universal Power Supply Direct Price $29.95 + s&h


Amiga Custom IC's

We have a supply of Gary (5719) and Denise (8362R8) IC's for the Amiga. Fix that dead Amiga in your closet, or just keep spares on hand.

Amiga custom ICs (Gary or Denise) Direct Price $10 each or $30 for 5 + s&h


* Western Digital and IBM drives are not supported.

** LX version, EC version available without SCSI or external power supply. Western Digital and IBM IDE drives not supported.

Amiga 1000 installation does require soldering.