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Note: We are no longer selling the products listed here. This site is being maintained for information only.


AdSCSI Micro ST—At 1.3 by 2.7 inches, it is the smallest SCSI host adapter commercially available. The AdSCSI Micro ST is a zero footprint design which makes it the perfect host adapter for internal MEGA needs. The AdSCSI Micro ST plugs directly into the 50 pin connector of a SCSI drive and powers itself from the SCSI bus. The adjustable power-up delay circuit provides up to one minute of delay before allowing your MEGA ST to boot. The AdSCSI Micro ST kit includes a sturdy mounting mechanism, internal DMA cable, drive power cable, our famous software, and comprehensive manual: everything you need to install a 3 1/2 inch hard drive inside your MEGA computer.

AdSCSI Micro ST Direct Price $39.95 + s&h Sold Out



AdSCSI ST—Less than half the size of our original ST Host Adapter, the AdSCSI ST has all of its features except the clock. Added features include full SCSI command set, parity generation, dual mode DMA daisy chaining, and 48 mA drivers. The AdSCSI ST includes our unique Dual-Mode DMA providing both the drivers for standard pass-through operation invented by ICD and full compatibility with devices that use parallel daisy chaining. The AdSCSI ST package includes AdSCSI ST Host Adapter, 29 inch molded DMA cable, DC power adapter cable, our famous software, and comprehensive manual.

AdSCSI ST Direct Price $69.95 + s&h Sold Out



AdSCSI Plus ST—With all the features of the AdSCSI ST plus a real time clock, this board is the same size as our original ST Host Adapter. The AdSCSI Plus ST package includes an AdSCSI Plus ST Host Adapter, 29 inch molded cable, DC power adapter cable, our famous software, and comprehensive manual. Very limited supply!

AdSCSI Plus ST Direct Price $99.95 + s&h

The last version of AdSCSI 6.5.5 Software is available for download. It is in ZIP format and extracts to a single 720K floppy diskette. This software will work with all ICD SCSI host adapters including the ICD Link and Link 2.


The Link 2

The Link 2—This tiny host adapter offers true "plug and play" SCSI to Atari users. This enhanced version of our popular "The Link" host adapter comes in a clear plastic case and features full support for parity devices as well as an indicator LED (dotting the 'i' in Link) confirming that The Link 2 is receiving sufficient power.

Using The Link 2 couldn't be easier. First connect it to the 50-pin Centronics connector of your first SCSI device, then to your ST's DMA port with the included cable. There is no special mounting or power supply required.* The Link 2 delivers high-speed performance and is compatible with SCSI-1, SCSI-2 and Fast SCSI-2 devices—even the new generation of removable drives.

The Link 2 comes with ICD's famous SCSI software which is nearly universal in supporting virtually every drive made. This powerful combination allows Atari ST, STE, and Stacy computers to use external SCSI drives originally designed for the Apple Macintosh, IBM PC, Commodore Amiga, NeXT, Atari TT and Falcon computers.

The Link 2 Direct Price $99.95 + s&h


ICD SCSI Pro Utilities 6.5.5

ICD SCSI Pro Utilities has been the #1 choice of Atari power users for years. Just look at these features:

  • Newest release of ICD's famous hard drive utilities
  • Fully XHDI 1.2 compliant
  • Supports partition sizes up to 2GB on the Falcon030
  • Now includes BIGDOS for large PC partition support
  • Use your favorite removables! Supports Iomega ZIP, Syquest EZ drives, Flopticals and more
  • Now includes ICD FA-ST Backup software for fast HD to HD and HD to Tape backups (Teac Streamer MT-2ST/N50)
  • Includes ICD Cleanup disk utility for analyzing and repairing diskettes and hard drive partitions
  • Powerful utilities to edit any sector and send direct SCSI/IDE commands
  • CD-ROM support
  • Fast, Intelligent caching with variable buffer and block sizes, variable write back delays and selectable boot partitions
  • Up to threefold increase in hard disk throughput (compared to Atari AHDI/HDX utilities)
  • Supports ICD and all other Atari-compliant SCSI host adapters
ICD SCSI Pro Utilities 7 is now being beta-tested, so we're offering 6.5.5 at this special closeout price.

ICD SCSI Pro Utilities 6.5.5 Direct Price $14.95 + s&h


Extra DMA Cables

DMA cables are hard to find, but now you can get the best direct from ICD. These high quality 29" shielded cables feature molded construction.

ICD DMA Cable Direct Price $9.95 or get 2 for $17.95 + s&h Sold Out


* Use with a ZIP drive may require an optional power cable.