An open letter from our president

ICD has been providing computer peripheral designs since January of 1984. Today, our experience and expertise include the design of both systems and application software, video and image capture solutions, state of the art compression and high-speed driver designs.

Since 1984, ICD has shipped over 100,000 products for use in computer systems around the world. Our award winning products have been shown at Comdex, CeBIT, E3, CES, as well as many smaller domestic and international shows.

All phases of the design process are handled in-house by a small team of competent engineers, including hardware and software development, product prototyping, and debugging through project sign-off. This allows us an unmatched level of control over the finished product.

Our engineers are fluent in popular operating systems and development environments at all levels. For example, here is a screen snapshot from software for our SnapDragon product line:

SnapDragon Interface

We would be glad to offer a timely quotation on any computer or electronics project that you would like to see developed by a talented, responsive team. Please call or write for more information.


Thomas D. Harker