The return of a sell-out! The CatBox will soon again be available for a limited time. Due to renewed interest in multi-player Jaguar gaming surrounding the release of AirCars and in anticipation of future releases (such as BattleSphere), ICD/BCD is making one more run of this videogamer's Swiss Army Knife.

CatBox Features

  • Composite and S-Video Jacks
  • RGB Monitor port (SC1224/SC1435 adapter optional)
  • Stereo/Mono Line-Out Audio Jacks
  • Two Powered Headphone Jacks with Volume Control
  • RS232 and RJ11 CatNet communication ports
  • DSP-through connector
  • I/O and power indicator LEDs
  • Attractive and Durable Brushed Stainless-Steel case
Catboxes are now going into production—only a limited number will be made. This may be your last chance to get a shiny new CatBox for your Jaguar. Order yours now. CatBoxes are $69.95 each with $8 S&H. Buy two or more and get a free null modem cable and monitor adapter.