HP LaserJet Family Quick Reference Service Guide

We have a good supply of the new HP LaserJet Family Quick Reference Service Guides. This two volume set covers everything you need to service any HP LaserJet printer from the original "Classic" through the 1100 family.

Volume I, May 1998 Edition 354 pages covers the HP Classic LaserJet, LaserJet models II, IID, III, IIID, IIP, IIP+, IIIP, IIISi, 4Si/4Si MX, 4/4M, 4+/4M+, 4L/4ML, 4P/4MP, 4V/4MV, 5/5M/5N, 5P/5MP, 6P/6MP, 5L, 5Si/5Si MX, 5Si Mopier, 6L, Companion.

Volume II, October 1998 Edition 228 pages covers the HP LaserJet 4000/4000T/4000N/4000TN, Companion, 5000/5000N/5000GN, 3100, 8000/8000N, 8000DN, Mopier 240, 8100/8100N, 8100DN, 1100/1100XI/1100SE, 1100A/1100AXI/1100ASE.

The HP LaserJet Family Quick Reference Service Guides include error codes, troubleshooting charts, assembly diagrams, wiring diagrams, part numbers, and general information to aid in the troubleshooting and repair of any HP LaserJet printer. They are cost effective and convenient to carry in a service kit.

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This two volume set is in stock and available for just $39.95 plus $8 S&H.